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  • Why Hire Remotely?
  • Building Your Hiring Strategy and Job Description
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  • Interviewing
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Our Process

Far Out Scout will work with you to help you understand the type of candidate you are looking for. Based on your job description and details, we will source, vet and interview candidates in our large talent pool. We will also target new candidates that fit the profile you are looking for. Then we will present the strong candidates for you to do a final interview. This will allow you to sell them on your company and determine if they are a good cultural fit for you.

We built our own team in the Philippines across our sales, accounting, operations and R&D functions. We intimately understand the challenges and opportunities of hiring in the Philippines. Our sourcerers understand the local market and have the tools and connections to find and vet almost any role.

We have a $500 refundable deposit and charge only upon a successful hire. We target very specific high quality candidates and salaries are quite low and can be as low as $5/hour. In addition to that, we also have a three-month guarantee, so if they don't work out, we will find another candidate at no additional cost.

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It would be good for you to connect with us to share more information. The more information you can give us, the more effective we can be at finding the best fit. Let chat soon:

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