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Tuesday December 5, 2023
Hire Your Best Remote Employees for as low as $5/hour
We will help you source, screen and hire your best employees from the Philippines and South America.
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We find you talent for FREE! Only pay upon successful hire!
Access talent from the Philippines and South America for as low as $5 per hour
  • Affordability: Salaries can go as low as USD $5/hour for candidates with bachelor degrees. That can be almost 82% less than an equivalent US employee. In addition, we can find employees with specific expertise like CPAs or lawyers.
  • Dedication and Commitment: The Philippines has a culture of education and employees are more likely to stay with great employers. We can help you foster a positive working environment to retain them.
  • Familiarity with Western Norms: We can find candidates with speak fluent English and grew with western media. They are very able to fit in with your current company culture.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling: The Philippines has embraced night shift work and many candidates are open to working different time zones. Many have experience working with international clients, which helps ensure high-quality output. We can also find developers in South America with experience working for US tech companies.
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The consensus is clear. For those seeking the best in remote talent, Far Out Scout stands out not just for its innovative approach but for the tangible results it delivers. As the future of work continues to evolve, companies equipped with the right talent are set to thrive. And with Far Out Scout's growing reputation, it seems many are already on the path to success.

Rave reviews and testimonials
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Are you on the lookout for top-tier talent? Look no further! Simply submit your email, and let Far Out Scout introduce you to a selection of prime candidates through videos and profiles tailored for your needs.

  • CEO of GiftPack:
    Far Out Scout has been so helpful in getting us the best talent!
  • CEO of Daylight:
    We've worked with other companies but Far Out Scout was the best service for finding crypto native remote employees
  • CEO of Koii Protocol:
    It's always hard to find the right people in a frontier industry, and the team at Far Out Scout understand this better than most. In our time working with them, they've brought us talented people from diverse backgrounds who share our passion for the work we're doing. That makes all the difference.
  • CEO of Motyf:
    We sourced a founding engineer through Kingsong and his team! They patiently helped us pinpoint our needs, identify 10 different candidates, and minded the process through a couple stressful and disappointing close calls to ultimately get to a candidate we are now celebrating as a new member of our team. Thanks, Far Out Scout!
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