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Interview Questions

  1. What is your most significant career accomplishment? Describe two or three other major accomplishments you achieved as an individual and as part of a team.
  2. How would you solve a typical problem on the job? Give the person an example of a real-time problem he or she might face. This is the "visualization question."
  3. What have you done in your current position and what is the biggest impact or change as a result of your work? This is the "impact question."
  4. What have you accomplished that is similar to the job for which you are applying? This is the job competency question.

What to Evaluate During Interviews

  1. Energy, drive and initiative.
  2. Trend of individual and team performance over time.
  3. Comparability of past accomplishments with your performance objectives.
  4. Experience, education and background in the industry.
  5. Skill in solving problems and thinking (technical, tactical and creative intelligence).
  6. Overall talent, technical skill level and potential for growth.
  7. Managerial and organizational skills, if relevant to the job.
  8. Team leadership in being able to motivate and persuade others.
  9. Character values, goals and commitment.
  10. Personality and fit with the culture of your organization.

What to Watch Out for During Interviews

  • too assertive
  • overly dominant personality
  • too vague
  • displaying behavioral extremes, such as being too friendly or analytical.

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