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What is Far Out Scout?

Far Out Scout is a contingency recruitment firm that works directly with companies to source and refer candidates. We sign a contract with the company and only charge a commission upon successfully hiring a candidate that we refer.

Instead of asking job-searching candidates to apply, Far Out Scout targets specific candidates that fit the job description and what the hiring manager is looking for. The best candidates for a role are often not actively looking for a new position, but can be convinced to switch for a new opportunity. We use a variety of tools to source and refer candidates directly to the hiring manager for interviews.

We work directly with the hiring manager to get the job description and additional information on the type of candidate they're looking for. Timely and comprehensive feedback is very important to us so that we can hone in on the best candidates for a role. Once the contract is signed, we will start sourcing for the role and present candidates in batches for you to review and interview.

In addition to the job description, sharing the following details will help us find the best fit for your role:

  1. What is the job name and description? What parts of the job description are most important? What do you look for when evaluating candidates? (E.g. salary, countries, colleges, past companies, specific skills) What type of experience are you looking for? Can you share some profiles of candidates you have hired before?
  2. What is your company and what do you do? Are there notable investors or awards we can share with candidates? What is your company culture like?
  3. Can you give us a salary range? Can we share the range with candidates if they ask for it?
  4. Do you have any geographic or time zone preferences? Can you sponsor visas?
  5. How urgent is the role and what is your timeline for hiring? Can you commit to giving us regular feedback for the candidates we provide? The more information you give us, the more effective we can be.
  6. Where do you prefer to communicate for this feedback? Slack, Teams, Discord, Telegram, or another messaging platform?
  7. What is your full hiring process (number of steps and process)? Can you share a calendly (or similar) so we can connect you with accepted candidates? What is each interview stage, and what types of questions will you ask?

We also have a guide that can help you get started with your interview process:

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