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Far Out Scout originally began as a Nature Photography blog titled Hike & Seek.  Once I began to expand my content to include more, I changed the name to what it is today!  This little space has become my home for sharing bits of my life, experiences, and adventures.  It is ever evolving with the flow of my life, and it's so exciting to document!  Keep reading to learn more about what you'll find here!

Art. My newest category, and definitely something I'll be sharing quite a bit of.  You can read all about my jump back into artwork right HERE!  I'm an illustrator and I mainly work with color pencils, ink, markers, and occasionally watercolors.  Fan art has been my favorite in the past, but I've started a Herpetology project website titled Happy Herping and am working on a series of reptile and amphibian illustrations!  

Cinema. Just like Michael Bolton in that Lonely Island song "Jack Sparrow", you could definitely call me a "major cinephile".  My love for movies trumps my love for pretty much everything else.  I appreciate all sorts of genres, and when I share film related posts-I'll most likely be introducing you to obscure, art-house, foreign, or lesser known films that you may have missed.  A few of my favorite directors include: Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Steve McQueen, and Taika Waititi.

Life. This category includes bits and pieces of my everyday life.  This could be a recipe I tried, a tour of something in my life, a personal story, or who knows what else.  I like surprises sometimes, don't you?

Nature. I'm an outdoorsy kind of gal, and photographing nature is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  I'm constantly aiming to become a better photographer, and my favorite subjects to shoot are insects, reptiles, and other misfit creatures.  Animal life in general is fun to shoot, and I love macro shots.  I'm interested in branching out into Night Sky, Severe Weather, and Landscape photography as well. 

Personal Style. I have ALWAYS loved seeing personal style posts from other bloggers, and it's something I've wanted to incorporate into mine as well.  I'm a bit self conscious and incredibly shy, so I've avoided doing so in the past.  At the moment, I don't have any posts to back up including this category here, but I's coming!