And Now For Something Completely Different // 1


It's been nearly a year now since I began a series of major life changes...a breakup, living solo in a new apartment, exceeding a weight loss goal, moving to a new state, love and heartbreak, moving back to Texas, and pretty soon...possibly moving to yet another new state!  I'm finding myself.  It's been stressful, and difficult, and there have been many tears and fears...but it's also been liberating and it's pushing me in the right direction and I'm happy for it!

I'll be spending the first full week of July in Columbia, Missouri (one of the coolest places ever!)...eating pizza at Shakespeare's, making Pizelle's with one of the funnest women on the planet, exploring nature, and enjoying a highly planned at-home film festival with a fellow cinephile.  When I get back...I'll be saving everything I make for a month or so...and then I'm hoping to make a move there!  We'll see!  I'm nervous and change often makes me...but I'm pushing myself and I want to experience new places.  I don't know yet where I belong.

After coming home from Montana to very bleak employment opportunities, I've been making money where I can...working for my stepdad and mom, pet-sitting, and re-opening my etsy shop.  I'm surprised by how much success I'm having with pet-sitting!  I'm not making a full-time living with it, but it's definitely giving me confidence in my ability to expand on it and possibly turn it into something I do full-time in the future!  I spent nearly the whole month of June with a sweet rambunctious pup at a lake house...feeding resident birds and squirrels...all while catching up on movies and a bit of reading!  Not to mention...the perfect opportunity for photography and art projects!  I'll have to get a full time job when I move to Columbia...but once I get caught up on bills, have more success with my online businesses (more on that in the future), and can free up the time needed for pet-sitting..I'll give it another go!

In the meantime...I'm enjoying what I'm doing.  Life right now is full of stress over bills for the most part, but I'm doing my best to enjoy each day as it comes....because knowing this journey is taking me somewhere great is what makes me most excited.  I'm in charge of my future.  I get to choose what that looks like.  I can see it....and I'm going for it.

Now For Something Completely Different (inspired by Monty Python of course) is a new feature I think I'll continue with...something more personal...thoughts or life updates...or just whatever I feel like sharing at the could literally be ANYTHING...thus the reason for the title.