Life Lately // Work Work Work

Okay guys, life around here lately has been a bit...overwhelming :)  Here are a few of the reasons I was absent last week, and why my blog posts for the next few weeks may be a bit sparse:

  • I've picked up more hours at work due to some rescheduling, and it's reeeally taking a toll on me being able to get out and enjoy photographing nature!  I haven't touched my camera in over a week!  This schedule won't be changing for a while, so I'll be working on adapting my photo habits to the new schedule.  The following reasons are also taking up a lot of my time...which is another reason I didn't blog last week.
  • I've been working on my super secret side project (which, as promised, I'll be talking more about soon).  I've created a productivity schedule for the next few months, and it's going to be taking up the majority of my free time outside of work.
  • I've been following an exercise plan and cooking more throughout the week.  Since the new work schedule started Monday of last week, this took a backseat as well.  Now that I've gotten a bit more used to the schedule though, I'll be picking this back up and working harder to stay on track.

So basically this is what my schedule is going to look like for a while:

  • Work 9-5 Monday through Friday + every other Saturday.
  • Workouts 3-6 times per week for 30-45 minutes.
  • Work on the project for at least 2 hours on weekdays and 4 or more hours on my days off.
  • Make a healthy homemade dinner each night.
  • Build and schedule blog posts on my days off (don't expect too much this week-as I'm still playing catch up on my project schedule)

I hate that my blog took a backseat last week.  I'm hoping that everything I've added to my plate won't take away from my blog content.  I'll be a super busy lady for the next few months, so bear with me!  Have a great week you guys!