Life Lately // Laundry Days

 A few months back, our dryer decided to call it quits, and since we didn't want to rush out and buy a new one-we've resorted to line-drying our clothes.  And let me tell you-we LOVE it!  Now, it's been raining a lot here lately-so we've been having to take everything to the laundromat.  The rain seems to have cleared out for the rest of the week though, so yesterday we hung out laundry outside.  It's so relaxing and I honestly never want to invest in a dryer.  Never.  *I'll be whistling a different tune once winter rolls around.  But until then....*

It's become a nice time for Matthew and I to do something relaxing and productive together outside in addition to our walks at the park.  The only down-side so far is that our backyard is covered in stickers and by the time I come back in-the bottoms of my flipflops are covered in them!  Oh...that and it's incredibly hot out right now...which means we've got another set of clothes that need to be washed once we finish these :)

Even with all of the rain we've gotten...look how dry and dead our grass looks already!  Summer is definitely here...goodbye Spring!

Do you line-dry your clothes?  

If you've never tried it-I think you'll totally love it!!