Goals // May 2015

I have a feeling that May is going to be SUCH a great time for me :)  I reached less than half of my goals from last month (you can see them right here!), but the ones I did accomplish were important to me and I'm happy with the progress :)  April is officially gone, so let's get on with May!  Here are my goals for this month:

  • Buy a new camera body
  • Go Camping
  • Visit Dinosaur Valley State Park
  • Make a snake hook
  • Learn 5 ways to style my new haircut
  • Buy A Tripod
  • Makeover all of my navigation pages.
  • Show my Etsy shop some love by painting 5 new illustration designs.
  • Lose 8 pounds

I'm so excited to complete this list :)  What are your goals this month?