At The Park // So Many Mushrooms

After all of the rain we've been getting, I've been spotting more and more of these Ink Cap Mushroom clusters pop up EVERYWHERE. *Side note-if these aren't ink cap mushrooms-please correct me!*  There's something so charming about mushrooms.  They pop up into the pretty puffy awesomeness that they are seemingly overnight which is pretty fascinating.  I've been watching time lapse videos on YouTube for the past 15 minutes...check them out HERE!

I used to hate eating mushrooms as a kid, but I've grown to love eating them. I've never tried any that I didn't purchase from the grocery store, because I've never given Mycology a serious study and don't know how to properly identify the edible species. I think it would be a really neat project to learn to identify a few edible wild mushrooms, and then share a recipe or two using them!  These particular ones don't look very appetizing, and if they are in fact Ink Cap Mushrooms-I believe they can cause serious harm if ingested within a period of time (up to 5 days I think?) of drinking alcohol.  I don't drink and I won't be trying wild mushrooms anytime soon-so I think I'm safe.

Have you ever eaten wild mushrooms?

It goes without saying, but never ingest something from nature if you don't know for a fact what it is.  Do your own research.  Know how to make a positive identification of something you plan on eating before you eat it.