Sweet Tooth // Snake Cookies

I made cookies!  And not just any old cookies.  I made snake cookies!  And not just any old snake cookies...okay okay enough of that silliness-you get it :)  So this past weekend, I decided to put a new cookie cutter to use and I literally spent hours working on them.  I actually think I may have gone a bit overboard trying to decorate real species hahaha!  I had a blast though and ended up creating a Rough Green Snake, Copperhead, Diamondback Rattlesnake, Coral Snake, Milksnake, and a Sea Krait!  The other black and white one is just something make believe that I threw in there because it sorta matched my sweater :)

I almost didn't want to eat them after all my hard work, but my sweet tooth couldn't be stopped :) My favorite was the Rattlesnake and I ate him up first:

If you wanna make your own sweet snake cookies you can find the recipe I used HERE and the cookie cutter HERE.  The recipe says to leave them in the oven for 12 minutes, but I only left mine in there for 6 because I love soft cookies.  If you're a crunchy cookie kinda gal, 12 minutes will be perfect :)  Also, this recipe makes a LOT of cookies:

For the icing, I mixed powdered sugar with just enough milk (a tiny tiny bit!) to make a thin spreadable icing.  I used a sparkly black gel icing to line the outsides, but I'm going to try something different next time.  The gel was just too messy for me.

By the time I finished decorating my cookies, I was so exhausted.  I got so drawn into making these cookies and trying to set up a cute way to photograph them that I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch!  The setup I had planned for photographing all of my cookie goodness turned out to be a major failure, and I ended up feeling like the whole day had been wasted.  Matthew ended up taking my camera away from me and snapped this photo of me in all of my messy headed grumpiness:

Needless to say, I decided to snap a few more photos that weren't part of the cute setup I had planned and they turned out to be better in the end :)  Lesson learned: Don't skip meals for a blog post and get myself down in the dumps when things don't work out exactly the way I planned them to.  Everything will work out in the end :)