At The Park // Crawlies and Footprints

On a recent walk through the park, we discovered a little trail through the woods that we never noticed before!  Once Spring weather starts rolling in, I can typically be found overturning rocks and logs in search of insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

Although I didn't find any of the latter two, I did get super excited to find this Queen Yellow Jacket under a rotten log!  Fertilized Queens overwinter under logs and other hidey spots until late spring arrives.  After she emerges, she builds a small paper nest and lays her eggs.  After taking a few photos, I placed her back under the log and went on my way.

Aside from the Queen, I also came across a teeny tiny Millipede, tons of worms, and lots of fresh prints in the mud :)

Are Raccoon prints the cutest or what?