NARBC // February 2015

Over the weekend, I attended the


show (North American Reptile Breeder's Conference) in Arlington, and as always...I had a blast.  I had planned on purchasing a new terrarium for my Ball Python-Oliver, but the ATM had trouble reading my card so I ended up spending what little I had on a

Texas Rattlesnake Festival

bracelet and a cash donation to

Nature's Edge Wildlife Rescue!

 Making donations always makes me feel so great-and I'm happy I was able to give something.  A bonus to visiting these shows is that most of the time you get a coupon for 500 free mealworms or crickets!  I'm stocked for a while :)

One thing that I discovered recently is the annual

Texas Rattlesnake Festival

which actually just started last year.  As someone who detests Rattlesnake Roundups-I was so excited to learn about this festival.  It's an educational event and unlike Roundups-no animal is harmed or killed.  I can't wait to check this out in April! 

My youngest brother left the show with this handsome little Leopard Gecko!  He got a fantastic deal on him too.

My favorite photo from the entire show was of this Beardie.  I. Want. One!

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?