Backyard Adventure // Spiders and Stuff

While doing a bit of yard work Friday afternoon, Matthew and I ran across so many spiders!  Creepy crawlies don't usually creep me out, but I will admit that spiders have a way of making me jump :)  If I know they're there, like I did while shooting these-then I'm fine.  It's just the ones that sneak up on me that send me running away haha!  Despite missing two front legs on the right side, the spider in the following two photos didn't seem to have any trouble moving around.  S(he) slowed down enough to let me snap these photos.

This grasshoppers camouflage was amazing!  I love spotting things like this :)

I didn't think I was going to be able to find a pair of insects for my

February Scavenger Hunt

, but here they are!  You have no idea how excited I was to get this haha!

Have a great week!