On The Trail: Early December

Matthew and I recently took a hike at one of our favorite locations, and decided to take one of the trail branches that we haven't taken in over a year!  It.  Was.  Rough.  This particular trail is at least 75% steep rocky hills, and my calves and thighs were screaming at me for choosing to hike it.  I needed the workout though and there were plenty of subjects to photograph along the way.  Here's what I got:

Grasshoppers are becoming one of my favorite insects to photograph.  They'll generally let you sneak up and get super close and in position...and then they'll sit motionless for you while you click away.  This little guy finally turned to the side right before I decided to get up and I really like the profile shot I got of him (or her).

There is no shortage of Cacti in these parts, but I'm not sure I've ever seen Cactus Vines before.  Pretty cool!

I also got excited to check off the color purple for my

December Scavenger Hunt

!  I was worried about finding something purple this time of year...but here it is!

I found deer tracks!  There are always deer tracks :)

Equipment Used:

Nikon D3100

Nikon 40mm f2.8

Have a great week!