Space To Create

This year, I'm all about doing things that make me happy and something that I've always wanted to do but have never committed to was to curate a room that I love.  My craft room (which will hence forth be referred to as my Creative Space) is in the middle of a major and much needed makeover.  Last year, I stripped the floors of the old brown carpet that had covered them for decades and decided to stick with having a bare concrete floor.  I also painted the walls turquoise and hung lots of of my favorite things.  This year, I'm going all out and actually pulling together a lot of things that I've always wanted to have but was either too poor to spend the money on new things or was too busy telling myself I was saving for something bigger...which was a lie to myself because I was constantly spending my money on junk instead.  So these are the things I want to invest in and create the Creative Space I've always wanted.  I kinda feel like once it's done, I'm never gonna wanna leave's going to be such a fresh and happy place!  Keep reading to get the breakdown!

My walls are currently being painted with a fresh coat of a White-ish color to replace the turquoise.  The room is quite small at 10x10, so I think the white will help tremendously in opening up the space.  If I could only get one thing from this wishlist that I think would have the biggest impact on the level of cozy in the would have to be a giant soft rug.  I love the bare concrete, but I've been wanting something plush under my toes for such a long time and I can't wait to take a nap on this thing!  I can totally see myself lounging on a pile of floor pillows with a sketchbook while listening to my records.  So dreamy :)  

Links:  RugCat PillowFloor Pillow

Speaking of records, I'm set on investing in a nice Record Storage rack and I am IN LOVE with this simple gold one from Urban Outfitters.  It won't take up a ton of space, and I love that I will be able to see a few of the covers instead of everything being tucked away side by side.  I would also like to have a nice set of shelves for displaying a few of my favorite things and I love the idea of having this trio of colors.  I'm not sure I'll purchase these specifically, but I may use them as inspiration for some DIY shelves I've been thinking of making.  I can definitely see them filled with things that I love....the Wes Anderson Criterion Collection blu-rays, things I collect from hiking adventures, a made-over View Master or two, perhaps a framed photo of Jemaine Clement just because I'm dorky like that...we'll see!

Links:  Record RackShelves

I already have the spectacular Testudines poster that I can not wait to hang, and I've been oggling this Stegosaurus lamp for a few months now on Modcloth.  The one thing that I would really like to have but will probably be pretty difficult to come by is a Taxidermy Armadillo.  If I can find any sort of Taxidermy piece at an antique store or yard sale that is as interesting as an armadillo I might get it...but I really want an Armadillo...Armadillos are my spirit animal :)  

Links: Stegosaurus LampPoster

Last but not least, I reeeeally want to invest in a new record player.  My little green Crosley one is still going strong, but I would love to invest in this pretty Lavender one with speakers.  I also wouldn't mind having this rolling cart to set it on and the extra storage space is a plus.  As you can see from the several items on this list...I'm making records a big part of my room wishlist!  My record collection is slowly growing and I have a huge long list of records I want to add to it.  The Weepies & Laura Viers have been on repeat for me naturally I want all of theirs!  I'm also eager to get my hands on this Wes Anderson tribute many great songs on that thing!!!

Links: Rolling CartRecord PlayerThe WeepiesI Saved LatinLaura Viers

So there it is!  I'm sure I'll find different pieces as the year goes on that I'll get instead of these...but I feel like this list totally represents the look and feel of the creative space I want to create for myself.  I want a bright, open, and minimalist type of space that I can listen to my favorite music in while working on my artwork and editing photos :)