The Past 6 Months

Whew, I bet you were wondering if I would ever be back here huh?  After the longest blog break I've ever taken, I'm happy to say that I'm back and ready to move forward.  My previous post was in January, and it covered my goals and plans for the year.  I won't turn this into a Debbie Downer post (Good Vibes Only!), but to make a long story short, I basically ran myself straight into a wall of self-doubt and depression and all of my goals and plans took an extended vacation.  I couldn't get motivated or inspired to get out and enjoy the things I love most, I didn't touch my camera for extended periods of time, and all I wanted to do after getting home from work most days was snuggle under a blanket, turn on the TV, and eat junk food.  I feel like I'm finally coming out of my slump for good, and I'm soooo ready to jump back into photography and share the things that make me happy.  I've missed it so much!  So let's get to it:


I changed things up.  As you can see, a lot has changed around here.  Sometimes, when I'm in a blogging slump, it helps to get me motivated if I make visual changes.  I'm loving how clean, minimal, and organized my new layout is.  I'm still working on a few things, but I really like the direction I'm going with it.  I also did something to it that can never be undone.  I removed a lot of the content.  I'm slightly regretting that decision, but in the long run-I think it was the right thing to do.  When I made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress, I transferred all of my content over and it was available at both sites.  I decided that it would be best to not have the same posts in two locations, and removed everything that is available on the old site.  If you're missing it, or want to check those posts out, you can do so RIGHT HERE! :)

I signed up for Roller Derby again.  And after much consideration, I decided that for now I'm just going to skate on my own before I try it again.  Outside of practice, I haven't made an effort to go to the rink, to trail skate, or to even put on my skates.  Because of this, I think it's best that I first develop more of an interest and commitment to skating on my own before I take the next step and sign up for a skating sport.  I love the Roller Derby community, and I want to come back when I'm excited to fully commit to it.

I'm not shooting in Auto mode anymore.  One of my goals at the beginning of the year, was to get to know my camera.  Learning to shoot in Manual Mode was my ultimate goal.  I'm currently shooting in Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority.  I'm starting to finally understand the relationships between Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed and how to manipulate them to get the settings I want.  It was very confusing to me at first, but I'm finally starting to catch on and it's really motivating me to learn and try more with my camera :)  So exciting!

I went Vegetarian for 4 months.  Another one of my goals for this year was to explore Veganism.  I tried a few Vegan meals, but darn it if I can't stop loving cheese.  I did commit to eating Vegetarian all the way through the end of April, but then slowly fell off it.  I'm still eating Vegetarian about 75% of the time though, and I've discovered lots of new meals that I love.  I cook more now than I did before, and I definitely want to start sharing food and recipes here at some point.

I decided I'm ready to grow out my Buzz Cut.  After nearly a year of buzz cuts, I've decided it's time to start growing again.  I love having my hair this way, and I'll probably do it again many times in the future, but I've been crushing on short bobs lately and I really want to try that out again.

I bought a new car!  I mentioned this in my post in January, and never followed up on it.  I had my previous car for years, it was paid off, and had gotten to the point where none of the gauges worked (including fuel and speed limit!), the bumper was held together with wire and duct tape, and the steering wheel had begun to lock up.  I used my Christmas bonus and a bit of savings as a down payment, and BAM!  I got the car I had been drooling over for the past couple of years.  I'll actually be sharing a post about her soon :)  I can't wait to show you!


Explore More.  For some reason, I always have this idea in my head that in order to see something really interesting or beautiful, I'll have to spend lots of money to fly or roadtrip some place far away from where I am.  That's just silly.  There are tons of neat things close to home that I can go check out.  Also, Texas is pretty gigantic and diverse...I've lived here my whole life and haven't seen a whole lot of it.  Did you know that the world's largest bat colony is only about 4 & 1/2 hours away?  That's so neat, and I can't believe I've never traveled to see it before!

Skate More.  As I mentioned above, I haven't really put much effort into skating for Roller Derby.  Before I commit any more time or money to practicing for the sport, I want to spend more of my time actually skating on my own at the rink or on the trail.  My endurance right now is reeeeally terrible, so spending more time in my skates just skating is going to help me tremendously.

Start a Photography Project (or two...).  This is something that I've been wanting to do, but have always made excuses for not doing it.  "I don't have time for that", or "I can't find anything interesting to photograph".  No more of that!  I would like to try the 365 challenge at some point, but for now I'm considering doing 2 or more smaller projects that I can do once a month, or every couple of weeks.  I'm hoping that switching things up and spreading them out will keep me excited and motivated.  Right now, I'm thinking of doing a Photo An Hour Project, a Diorama Project, an Instax Project, and maybe a self Portrait Project.

Drink More Water.  I feel like I've been doing a decent job of drinking more water lately, but not as much as I need to.  I drink a lot of unsweet tea, but apparently that can lead to Kidney Stones which terrify me.  I'm kind of infatuated with Lemon Water these days, so I'm going to start drinking that a lot more.

Build A Better Wardrobe.  This one is going to cost me a bit.  My boss recently purchased us Scrubs to wear at work, and that's given me a lot more freedom in the clothes that I purchase outside of work.  Before the scrubs, I would wear a lab coat over my regular clothes but because of my tattoos, I was requred to wear long sleeves all year long.  Anytime I went shopping for clothes, I needed to make sure it was work appropriate, and either had sleeves or would be comfortable with a cardigan.  Now that  I can seperate work clothes with my personal style, I can actually invest in clothes that I really love and want to spend money on.  I'm so excited!  Outfit posts coming soon!

Love My Office Space.  I've done a few things to my office space at home over the past year, but havent really committed to "making it my own".  I want to paint my walls, invest in a really great rug, and pull off some awesome DIY projects to spruce it up to my liking.  It gets the best light in the house, so that's a big plus already.  To keep myself accountable for this one, I'll periodically share progress photos ;)

Diversify My Blog Content.  There are tons of things that I've always wanted to blog about, but have either not had the resources for the types of posts I wanted to do, or didn't feel confident enough to try it.  A few things I would like to branch out and include more of on the blog include: Personal Style + Hair & Makeup, Food, Photography Tips/Resources/Reviews, Photography Projects + Challenges, Macro Insect Photography, and Travel Adventures.

I'll be sharing my goal progress every 3 months, so we'll check back and see where I am in September!  Is there anything in particular that you'd like to see on Lady Serpentine?