2016 Summer Wishlist

Nearly everything on my "I wish I had money so I could buy..." list lately is from Urban Outfitters.  Pretty much every item on their website is something I want to have.  In fact, I love their stuff so much-that only one item on this list is from somewhere else!  If I ever, by some miracle, fall into a large sum of money...I will fill my life with Urban Outfitters stuff.  For now, I'm going to try and pinch my pennies so that I can spend my summer collecting all of these gems :) 

Screen Printed Cactus Top.  When I think of the perfect summer outfit...this is the type of top I want to fill my closet with and wear every single day with a pair of comfy jean shorts.  The print and colors are super fun, and the material looks sooooo soft.  $121.39

Heartbreaker Sunglasses.  I'm kind of really terrible about wearing sunglasses.  I know I should, and my eyes are totally hating on me for always forgetting them.  I've always wanted a pair of heart shaped glasses though, and these are pretty darn cute.  Perhaps having a cute pair of sunnies like this will encourage me to always wear them.  $16.00

Turquoise Portable Barbeque  I've been looking forward to grilling Corn and Veggie Skewers, and I love that this cute little grill is colorful and portable.  The only problem is that it also comes in pink and yellow, and between the three it's going to be so hard to choose!  $69.00

 The Wes Anderson Collection Book!  Can I just be super basic here right now.  I love Wes Anderson's work, and I NEED this book.  That's all.  $40.00

Waterproof Disposable Camera.  I used to carry disposable cameras around with me everywhere before I got my first point & shoot in 7th grade.  I always thought underwater photos were super fun, so I think this would make for a fun set of photos to share this summer!  The fact that it's rainbow colored makes me want it more.  $16.00

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates.  Now that I'm pledging to spend more time skating at the rink or on the trail, I really want to invest in these beauties.  I've been wanting a pair of Moxi skates for months now, but seeing as these and the cactus shirt are the most expensive things on my list...I don't think I can have both.  We'll see!  $279.00

DIY Crystal Saguaro Cactus Grow Kit.  Guys, I'm a little bit completely infatuated with this thing.  It's something that I would have been super obsessed with when I was little.  It's so pretty, AND it's the least expensive thing on my list!  $10.00

So that's it!  What's on your summer wishlist this year?