Backyard Adventures // Buzz Buzz Buzz

Our backyard is currently covered in weeds and yellow flowers....which means it's also full of butterflies, bees, and a variety of other insects :)  I had plans of going hiking yesterday, but they fell through and I had to make due with exploring the back yard instead.  Which was fine-because I love insects :) I've always wanted to get a nice shot of a giant bumblebee, but they tend to buzz away before I'm able to get close enough.  This one was nice enough to crawl around just long enough for me to get a few shots before it decided it had had enough.

I've only seen a few honeybees this past month, so I was happy to see this girl:

Matthew currently has an ingrown toenail, and our hiking plans have been taking a backseat while it's healing.  I hope it gets better soon!  I'm ready for lots and lots of hiking!