At The Park // Winged Creatures

While at the park recently, I stumbled upon the local butterfly meeting grounds, and have been meaning to make a trip back so that I can try and get a few butterfly shots.  I was crossing my fingers that there would be just as many there as there had been when I didn't have my camera with me....because let's face it-that's usually how it goes right?  As soon as we parked, I could see that my luck was with me...they were everywhere!  I snapped away while Matthew did a few laps around the park track, and am really happy with the shots I got.  I'm definitely going to have to go back and try for some more this weekend!

This last photo was perhaps my favorite from the day.  Just before we left to go to the park, I spotted a Red Wasp crawling around in our front yard and couldn't resist trying to get a close up shot with my 40mm lens.  I took a ton of photos, and this was my favorite.  The eye's are so cool!