10 Things // June 2015

1.  I vacationed at the Gulf Coast!

 2.  I visited my favoriteturtle pond...

 3.  I took a photo that I didn't think was going to turn out well...and it became a favorite...

 4.  I saw a gator!!!

 5.  I tried editing my aquarium photos in black & white and discovered my go-to aquarium editing technique :)

 6.  This crab!

 7.  I hit a bump in the road and shared 3 tips for staying passionate about hobbies I'll be taking my own advice in July :)

8.  I started working on a top-secret side project that I'll be talking about later in July...it involves critters like this...

9.  I took part in my very first Collaboration!  Check it out right HERE!

Photo courtesy of Kelly Del Valle

10.  This happened :)


Finding this pretty girl

Even MORE stuff I loved about June:

  • It rained SOOOO much!  Rain/Storms are my favorite weather-so I was quite pleased :)
  • I discovered Plan To Eat and started cooking more!  I've always been lazy (or absent from) the kitchen-so this is really exciting for me.
  • True Detective is back!!!
  • I discovered a new favorite blog: Popcorn and Glitter  Her film posts are my favorite!!!