Fun Shoot Friday // 6

Have I ever mentioned that Friday is my favorite day of the work week?  It means sleeping in and time to do everything I'm thinking of throughout the week :)  I reeeally wanted to share Popcorn again for this weeks Fun Shoot Friday, but she's just so quick!  She got a LOT of exercise, but I think she and Starbucks talk about Fun Shoot Friday when I'm not looking.  They've decided that he enjoys having his portrait done wayyyy more than she does.  That's okay though, because I never get tired of seeing cute pics of him!  Those eyes are gorgeous and that smile just kills me :)

There's a Reptile Expo in town this weekend, so I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be able to go to it.  Being in a giant room full of scales and tails makes my heart smile :)  Have a great weekend!