At The Park // Toads and Spiders

I'm not sure there's anything i find cuter right now, that teeny tiny toads!  Matthew and I had planned on going to one of our favorite trails for a morning hike, but ended up sleeping in a bit later than planned.  We headed to one of the local parks instead, and wandered off into the trees for a little exploring.  The water level of the creek and lake have risen because of all of the rain we've been getting, and there were soooo many of these teeny tiny baby American Toads hopping about near the water!  They were all about the size of my fingernail!

Something else we found an abundance of?  Spiders!  I'm not the biggest fan of spiders, but I do enjoy looking at them up close once I've spotted them.  And the webs.  I will admit that I love spider webs...well, except when I unknowingly walk into them of course :)  I also find that they make excellent photography subjects!  They typically aren't quick to scurry off, and I've always had luck with them sitting still until I've gotten a few good shots.

Aside from the abundance of baby toads and arachnids, we came across a few Little Brown Skinks, mating Dragonflies, and an adorable pair of ducks.

Is that Duck's do the cutest or what?!