Amazing Nature // Mammatus Clouds

Since sharing my most recent post of photos from a recent lightning storm, I couldn't help but share these photos.  The wet weather disappeared for a day, but it's on it's way back and it looks like we'll be getting lots more of it for the next week.  I stepped outside the other day, and when I looked up-I was just stunned for a moment.  I had never seen clouds that looked like this before.  I quickly snapped a few photos, and stood outside for a while just marveling over how incredible nature is.  After doing a bit of research, I discovered that these particular clouds are called "Mammatus Clouds".  They typically indicate a strong storm and/or tornado...which turned out to be the case exactly.  We had a particularly strong storm that evening, and if you've been watching the weather news-tornado's have been making quite a stir here in North Texas.

The next time I see these clouds, I'll know what they are and what they mean.  Yay for learning new things!