10 Things // May 2015

I learned about Mammatus Clouds:

I enjoyed nearly an entire month full of my favorite weather, and took lightning photos for the first time:

I spent a ton of time at the park taking photos of critters like this:

I put a twist on one of my Fun Shoot Friday posts by featuring a Gulf Coast Toad:

 I found this cute little guy , and shared a little photoshoot of him:

Our local water levels have gone up and there's actually lots of water in the creeks and lakes now :)

More water in the lake, means more cute ducky visitors!

Kittens at my moms house!

I got to spend some time with my nephew!

April (and May) showers brought May flowers...and snails :)

More stuff I loved about May:

  • Matthew and I went to see Mad Max, which was SO AWESOME!  (I can't mention a Tom Hardy film without recommending The Drop-it's soooo good!  Definitely check it out!!)
  • My mom volunteered to go see Poltergeist with my little brother and me.  My mom isn't usually into creepy movies, so this was so much fun!  Also...how dorky cute is Sam Rockwell?!  I love that guy!
  • Penny Dreadful is back!
  • I'm on Vacation!!!