Creature Feature // Rough Earth Snake

After a loooong day at work, nothing could have cheered me up more than finding this little guy under a rock in the backyard...okay well maybe finding two would have cheered me up even more but hey...I'll not get greedy :)

I wasn't really expecting to find anything, and to be honest I've had the worst luck finding reptiles so far this year.  I know it's only early Spring, but I am so ready to start finding more of these cute little guys!

I was about to give up and then decided to flip a few rocks next to the house before I went in...just in case.  I wish someone could follow me around with a camera while I'm looking for critters to photograph, because I'm sure I look like a total dork-especially when I come across a snake.  Any volunteers? Haha!  Anyways, this Rough Earth Snake was nestled underneath the very first rock I flipped!

Rough earth snakes are very small non-venomous colubrid snakes that feed primarily on earthworms and small invertebrates.  They're not an aggressive species at all.  Of the many I've come across in the past, I've never even seen one open it's most other snakes do :)  If you're wondering what sort of defense mechanism a small, non-aggressive snake like this is equipped's poop!  A would be predator would get a mouth full of nastiness, and if you're a'll definitely be temporarily stained by the bitter smell.  Nothing a bit of soap won't take care of though :)

After taking a few photos, I placed him back near his rock home and watched him (or her) disappear into the grass.  What a cutie!

Happy Herping!

No animals were harmed in the making of this post.  Don't try handling a snake, unless you've positively identified it first!  If you need help identifying a snake-send me a photo-I'd love to help!