At The Park // Frogs and Crawdads

I've been looking forward to sharing these photos since last week!  They're actually a continuation of last Mondays photo trip to the park.  There were so many great finds, that I just decided to split them up between two posts :)  For all of you bloggers out there, is it just me or do you get impatient sometimes and want to just post everything all at once?  The waiting game kills me sometimes hahaha!

This little Cricket Frog was so laid back while I snapped away.  He made a couple of little hops between these photos, and then after I snapped the one below, he decided to call it a day and dove into the creek.

When I was a kid, my dad took my sisters and me to a creek while visiting family in Oklahoma.  The adults were doing their own thing and he showed us how to catch crawdads.  We spent the entire time there just catching them.  It was so much fun!  That was my dads way to keep us preoccupied while the adults did their own thing.  It worked like a charm :)  This is the first little guy I've caught in years, and it was sooo tiny!  I love how alien they look.   

Have a great week!