Mineral Collection

Green Fluorite

Matthew recently started collecting minerals!  There is a really amazing shop here in Fort Worth called Crystal Moon Gallery, and we visit it every two or three months.  They've got fossils, minerals, rocks, art, antiques, jewelry, and a ton of other goodies.  We LOVE the place.  The shop owner is very knowledgeable as well, and we learn something new every single time we go in there.  So cool!

On our most recent trip there, Matthew decided to buy a few items to start growing his own collection and he picked up some really neat stuff!  The very first thing he ever picked up from there was a giant Megalodon tooth, which is super cool.  I promise I'll share it in a future post!

Fibrous Malachite


Amethyst Geode

I think it would be really neat to start collecting minerals by color, so that you could eventually have a rainbow display of them!

Which is your favorite?