10 Things // March 2015

I started a new photography project on texture!  In the off chance that you spot some weirdo staring at a tree with their camera just inches away from it...it's probably me :)

I got to enjoy a few days of snow and giant icicles...which I of course used to pretend I was Tim the Enchanter...

Things started to grow again...

Matthew started collecting rocks & minerals...which means I want to start collecting them too...which means you'll be seeing more pretty photos like this:

The weather started getting warmer and I started finding creepy crawlies again.  In case you didn't know...I love insects!!

I acquired a new reptilian friend:

I celebrated the first day of Spring by sharing a sweet photo I took of Popcorn...and she even got featured on The Dainty Squid!  This is totally going to her head.

Insects aren't the only critters making a comeback....aren't snails the cutest?

I enjoyed a visit to my Grandparents house...where I found this fella hanging out on one of the fence posts...you can't tell in the photo, but he's making that face because it had just started to sprinkle...who doesn't love the rain?

I celebrated my Mom's birthday along with my sister & her girlfriend!  We stayed in a nice hotel, did some shopping, and took her to see Cinderella.  We all had lunch at Razzoo's before they hit the road for their 2 hour drive home the next day.  Aside from their food being AMAZING, they have the cutest menus ever:

Even more stuff I loved about March:

  • Matthew and I enjoyed a date night by going to see Chappie.  You should definitely see it if you get a chance.  Just a quick bit of movie trivia for you...Chappie was directed by Neill Blomkamp, who also directed District 9 and Elysium.  His next project? Aliens!!!! Oh and Sigourney Weaver is going to be Ripley again!  I. Am. So Excited!  P.S.  Sharlto Copley (voice of Chappie) has the most epic beard in Elysium...don't believe me?  Just watch this video :)  So hot!
  • I discovered ByRegina.com and have been going crazy with plans for the blog!
  • I created a Last FM account!  If you're curious about the types of music I listen to just head on over there and check it out!