Life Lately // 1

Wearing Silly socks // Playing arcade games at the theater.

My blog content has been almost exclusively nature photography.  I'd like to incorporate a bit more every now and then, and am starting off with a glimpse of what I do when I'm not out scouting for things to take photos of!  Here we go!

Visiting Barnes & Noble.  I came across this Jon Snow toy and immediately noticed the odd placement of his sword.  Is it just me or does that look funny to you too?  I'm not sure how I came out of the bookstore with all of this stuff instead of a book, but I love my finds anyway.


 I've been completely obsessed with Bradley Cooper as of late, and my juvenile sense of humor has me lusting after

this t-shirt

.  It needs to be mine.  Also,

this snail lamp


I can not stop listening to this song...Billy Boyd has such a beautiful voice!

Looking Forward To:

  • Visiting the NARBC reptile show this weekend with family.
  • BAFTA's on Sunday!
  • Sharing a cute post featuring one of my petsies this Friday...spoiler alert...I hope you like pink.
  • Spending more time outdoors since the weather is going to be nice :)

What have you been up to lately?