Backyard Adventure // Cardinals

For the first (and most likely only) time this Winter season, we got some snow and ice on Monday!  I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but I sat out in the cold with no gloves until I couldn't feel my fingers anymore to get these photos :)  I have gloves somewhere, but I've only worn them once or twice this season and can't remember where they are.  It's just been too warm!

The females below showed up first, and I just couldn't let myself go inside until I got photos of the males too.  Male Cardinals are probably my favorite local bird-I love how bright red they are!  They were considerably more timid about getting close to me than the females were, but my fingers were relieved when they decided to let me get a few shots in.

The females were a lot of fun to shoot though.  I love how plump this girl is.  What a cutie!

I wasn't going to share this photo at first since it's out of focus, but it's grown on me.  I love the contrast of that foot in focus and the movement of the rest of her.  :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!