On The Trail // Fort Worth Nature Center

Matthew and I recently made a trip out to the Fort Worth Nature Center.  We hadn't been there in a while, and because the weather was decent-it turned out to be super crazy busy.  We were stuck in line for probably 20 or 30 minutes just to get in, but it was definitely worth the wait.  It's always nice to get out and enjoy fresh air on the trail.

I've heard a lot about alligators around these parts, but I've yet to see one.  There were plenty of people out kayaking, and I'm really excited about renting one sometime and trying it out.  I've never been in a kayak in my life, but it's something on my list to do this year.  I have a feeling I'm going to be addicted.  Gators or not-I'm down.

The only wildlife we came across (aside from a few birds of course) were a couple of Armadillos.  I seriously love them-they're one of my top 10 favorite animals for sure.  This one was the only one I could get fairly close to without scaring it off.  There's no way the sounds of my shoes crunching on the leaves went unheard, but this little guy didn't seem to mind at all.  He just rooted away-paying us no attention at all.

What's your favorite local animal?